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Practice Areas


Criminal Law - Federal, New York State and international prosecutions

In these matters, it is necessary to have the legal advice of an attorney with years of experience during the period of investigation and prosecution. The Sallaway Law Firm, PLLC is your trusted advocate from the initial stages and champions your side throughout the criminal justice process. We ensure your rights are protected during:

grand jury proceedings / indictment
detention / bail hearing
plea negotiations
pre-sentencing investigation and reports
post-conviction appeals, writs and motions
probation / conditions of release / VoP
jail or prison
federal supervised release

In addition, the firm offers consultations in the following areas:
•    estate and tax planning
•    wealth management
•    estate and gift taxes, tax controversies
•    New York State and federal income, gift and estate tax 
civil litigation

This firm’s clients have direct access to our personal and professional network of lawyers and business leaders worldwide.

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